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Home Insurance

Even though not required by law, you most likely must have a home insurance policy if you have a mortgage on your home. In addition, there are other reasons to have home insurance to protect your home as an asset. The spring season in the state has the risk for tornado activity. Summer has the risk for hail and thunderstorms, and winter can bring snow and the risk of frozen pipes.

Home insurance will cover several different things and do more than just protect your home. In addition to protecting the structures on the property, insurance can help pay for your belongings. Your belongings don’t necessarily have to be in the home to be covered, and if your computer gets stolen or there is damage to property in a storage unit, you are covered. It also pays for injuries or property damage if it’s your fault. For example, if your child accidentally throws a baseball and it breaks the neighbor’s window, your insurance will kick in. If your home is damaged and you need to stay in a hotel while it is being repaired, you also get coverage.

What You Should Know about Home Insurance in Kentucky

Rates are determined by a few different things, including crime, weather, and home values. Insurance agents determine the risk of something happening to come up with a premium. When determining how much coverage you should have, speak with an agent at Best Insurance Services. You want enough coverage to be able to rebuild your home if something were to happen to it. A home inventory can help you determine how much your belongings are worth. Don’t just get insurance and forget about it. Instead, make sure that you look at it yearly to make any necessary changes and updates, especially if you have acquired some expensive belongings or made some upgrades to the home.

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